The discouraged phone caller asked Ron Newton a blunt question.

“Are you the camp program that helps troubled kids?”
“Yes,” said Newton.
“Good, I have some for you. They’re my employees.”

The story of how Ron Newton helped the caller is why No Jerks on the Job is an indispensable resource for every manager, supervisor, co-worker, or anyone dealing with difficult and “value-challenged” employees and cultures.

Contrary to popular opinion, the greatest threat to American business is not the current economic deficit, it is the deficit of character in America’s workplace brought by an increasing number of adult-age, workplace brats.

As reported in countless media stories, this “values deficit” is one that threatens the core ideals and economic viability of American business today. The problem of business brats is widespread and little understood – until now.

In No Jerks on the Job, Ron Newton recounts meaningful lessons gleaned from years of running a unique wilderness camp program for troubled youth. These lessons provide a powerful solution to today’s foremost corporate vexation – overcoming the problems caused by “value-challenged” managers and employees.

No Jerks on the Job vividly describes the world of relational hand-to-hand combat with problem workers and dysfunctional work cultures. Newton masterfully connects real-life patterns of troubled adolescent behavior to similar problems in business. Recounting engaging stories from both campsite and boardroom, Newton reveals concise and effective “brat-busting” solutions that will return positive productivity to a formerly damaged business environment. 

Ron Newton is a dynamic communicator who answers the most crucial questions of our business times.

  1. What are business brats?
  2. Where do they come from?
  3. What harm do they do?
  4. How do you take back control?

No Jerks on the Job is an indispensable resource for managers, supervisors, co-workers, or anyone dealing with difficult and “value-challenged” employees and cultures.

Praise for No Jerks on the Job

No Jerks on the Job contains cutting edge solutions that will be of interest to anyone in organizations that attract value-challenged workers.”

Paul S. Henry
Director, Global Finance Talent

“What a superbly sublime intuitive idea is No Jerks on the Job, and such excellent timing. Ron Newton has penned an entertaining treatise of a deeply, seriously needed topic. And, more importantly, ideas for treating the disease.”

Bob Morrison
Radio News Anchor, Texas Radio Hall of Fame

No Jerks on the Job reflects Ron Newton’s keen understanding of both the human heart and its affect on our behavior. I built my company’s employee culture upon the values Ron highlights in his book.”

Larry Rigdon
President & CEO (retired)
Rigdon Marine

“As a professional businessman I’ve encountered my share of employees that closely resemble “troubled youth”. I can’t think of a more appropriate subject to address in today’s changing work environment.”

Bob Willey
Director of Training & Development

 “Ron Newton’s intrinsic knowledge of behavior makes No Jerks on the Job a hit business book.”

Sherwood Kelly
Senior VP (retired)
Willis Construction Practice Group

“My prediction is that No Jerks on the Job will meet the need of other business sectors just as Ron Newton did for the Shipbuilders Council of America.”

Daniel K. Youhas
Shipbuilders Council of America

"The timing is right for such a book as No Jerks on the Job, and the market is in need of it."

Jack Yoest
Adjunct Professor, Business and Economics
Catholic University of America

"No Jerks on the Job is a true inspiration."

Rex Saoit
Talent Acquisition Manager
Choctaw Nation  

“Because of his experience in helping troubled youth, Ron Newton has been able to put together a unique and much needed approach to addressing people problems at work.”

Stuart Willis
Sourcing Consultant
Allstate Insurance Company

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Ron Newton Bio

Ron Newton is a dynamic communicator who answers the most crucial questions of our business time. He has helped companies worldwide achieve success by addressing the human factor potential of their employees. He is an authority on the role of personal and social values as it affects the dynamics of the workplace, having learned the bare elements of human nature from troubled youth who participated in his ground-breaking therapeutic wilderness camp program.

Ron has delivered his four key successful strategies for values-based improvement of employees and their work culture to diverse corporations, companies, organizations, and groups nationwide and in the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, and West Africa. He has made numerous radio talk show appearances and written featured stories for several industry magazines.

Ron Newton is the president of PEAK Training Solutions (

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